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About the Rivers - China

About the Rivers - China

River cruising is a wonderful story of discovery—complete with easygoing comfort and convenience. You'll uncover treasures you find straight out from history books and fairytales. Allow these peaceful waterways to serve as your pathway for a journey of a lifetime! 

Yangtze River Cruise

Celebrated in paintings, poetry, and songs, the mighty Yangtze is China’s longest and most iconic river. Timeless scenes still visible along this vast waterway include ancient temples, tranquil villages, mist-shrouded mountaintops, and the utterly spectacular Three Gorges, certain to be the highlight of your cruise.

Li River Cruise

To cruise along the Li River is to see a traditional Chinese scroll painting come to life, a breathtaking tableau of surreal rock formations, dramatic mountain peaks rising above the clouds, shimmering rice paddies, and sleepy fishing villages.