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Sustainable River Cruising

Sustainable River Cruising

The Sustainable River Cruising project is the first of its kind and a presents an excellent opportunity for the environmental management of tourism. This concerted effort focuses on developing measures to reduce water and energy use, and waste generation in the river cruising industry. While the project focuses on some of the world’s most geographically, culturally and historically-rich rivers—including the Nile, the Danube, the Rhone and the Rhine—the end goal is to use our research to continue to improve Uniworld’s onboard operations globally and provide river cruise operators worldwide the tools to operate with as little environmental impact as possible. We’ve completed environmental audits of our shipboard operations, and TreadRight Foundation are building on what we have learned to create training manuals and recommendations to distribute industry-wide.

The Project Status

We launched the Sustainable River Cruising project in 2010, documenting water usage, energy usage and production of waste on Uniworld cruise ships operating on the Nile in Egypt. In 2011 we expanded the project to include all Uniworld ships operating on the Rhine, the Rhone, and the Danube. Based on our findings, we are in the process of implementing measures to reduce the impact of all Uniworld shipboard operations.

In 2013, TreadRight Foundation will further the project by creating and distributing much needed training materials for the river cruising industry at large. The Sustainable River Cruising Pack will provide guidance to the river cruise industry that allows them to manage their own environmental performance. This guidance will mark the first such effort of its kind, and a breakthrough in reducing the environmental impact of river cruising worldwide. We at Uniworld are proud of being a part of such an important project!