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Giving Back



Giving Back

Sustainable Tourism

Our Responsibility

At Uniworld we're proud to provide our guests with extraordinary trips to some of the world’s most beautiful and inspiring places. It’s this pride that propels our commitment to sustainable business and travel practices, ensuring the very places we love remain beautiful. Our commitment is not only to minimize the environmental impact of our operations around the world, but also to support conservation efforts aimed at reversing damage already done. Uniworld believes that respecting and sustaining the world we live and travel in will create a better world for future generations to enjoy.

An important step in operating responsibly is to reduce our waste generation as well as water and energy use. We do this by utilizing resource saving technology in our offices worldwide. We’ve installed energy efficient lighting, created sustainable procurement guidelines, energy-saving IT policies and taken advantage of all local recycling processes. We’ve come a long way, and are committed to continuous improvement company-wide.

We feel a healthy environment starts with a healthy community. This is why we support a range of charities and have fostered programs geared at preserving local communities. We are seeing wonderful results. For example, our staff volunteer program sees that every staff member volunteers for a charity of their choice at least two days a year.

Most of all, we are dedicated to nurturing sustainable tourism in communities around the world through our operations, by improving our guests' awareness of their individual footprints while on vacation and by educating guests on how to shrink their own environmental impact while traveling.