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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Egypt Boutique River Cruises FAQs

We hope that the information provided below will help answer any questions you may have about Uniworld Boutique River Cruises. If you have any questions or concerns not answered here, please contact your travel agent.

Q: How far in advance can I request an Egyptian Visa?
A: 90 days prior to your departure.

Q: Are there ATMs?
A: ATMs abound in the tourist areas of Egypt.

Q: Are we able to take our children and is there an age restriction?
A: Passengers who are under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult who is 21 years of age or older. Uniworld’s long-term experience is that most young children (especially those under 8 years of age) do not enjoy or appreciate the river cruise experience. There are no special arrangements, activities, or accommodations for children on Uniworld river cruises and tour programs. An exception to this is our Multigenerational Family-Friendly Cruise Program, which is offered on select itineraries during the summer months. Please contact our reservations department at (800) 733-7820 for more details. Adults accompanying children are responsible for their behavior during the trip.

Q: What are the best buys in Egypt?
A: Egyptian cotton is world famous: cloth, textile, and garments are a good deal.  Brass, silver, gold, handmade jewelry, papyrus, carpets, spices, handicrafts, perfumes, and reproductions of antiquities are on sale.  It might not be advisable to buy something that could appear to authorities to be of historical value and importance.

Q: What are the tipping guidelines?
A: Our suggestion for tip per day, per guest would be: USD $2-$3 for the local guide and USD $1-$2 for the driver. At the end of the trip there will be two envelopes to be used for tips, one for the crew and one for the Tour Manager. Our suggestion for tips at the end of your cruise would be: USD $4 for the Tour Manager and USD $6 for the crew on the ship (per day, per guest). All tipping is cash only.

Q: What type of clothing is appropriate?
A: No need for a tie, jacket, or formal evening wear.  Smart, lightweight (cotton/linen) casual attire is suitable for even the best restaurants, bars, and hotels.  It is best to be mindful of the culture; conservative clothing is highly recommended (nothing too form fitting or too skin revealing). 

Q: Could I use my credit card while in Egypt?
A: Credit cards are accepted at major tourist establishments but are not widely accepted at smaller shops.

Q: Could I drink the water in Egypt?
A: It is highly advisable not to drink the water out of the tap due to high cholrine content.  Bottled water is widely available.

Q: Are there any baggage weight restrictions for flights within Egypt?
A: The maximum baggage weight limit on domestic flights is 43 lbs per person.

Q: Are there camel rides available?
A: Sorry, there aren't any camel rides available for purchase from Uniworld while on the tour.

Q: Could we hire a private guide or Egyptologist for a group tour?
A: Yes, an Egyptologist may be available for a private group tour.  Please ask for details and availability.

If you have anymore questions, please contact or read our cruise guides.