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Update on Danube River water levels
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Update on Danube River water levels

Currently the water level on the Danube River is low, particularly between Regensburg, Germany and Passau, Germany.  This has caused minor sailing delays for the current sailings of the River Ambassador and River Duchess; however, we are pleased that both ships are back on schedule without missing any of their regularly scheduled sightseeing excursions. 
We also have the River Empress and River Princess in the area, and in order to ensure the continued smooth operation of both those cruise programs, we are going to switch our guests from one ship to the other tomorrow.  The ships have the identical stateroom layout, so room assignments will remain the same, and the cruises will then continue as planned.  The guests onboard the River Empress and River Princess have been advised of the change.
Looking ahead to the July 2 River Empress sailing and the July 5 River Princess sailing, the cruises will begin on the opposite ship and will change back to the original ship mid-cruise.  Again, as the stateroom layout is the same there will be no changes to stateroom assignments.  We expect the cruises to be able to complete their respective programs in their entirety.  We are now beginning the process of contacting everyone on those sailings to advise them of the change of ship. 
All of our other ships are currently operating normally; however, as water levels can rise and fall rapidly, we are continuing to monitor the situation closely and will post further updates as information becomes available.  As always, the safety and security of guests, crew and vessels are our top priorities. 
Thank you very much to all our guests affected by this situation for your patience and understanding.  We truly appreciate it.