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August 31, 2014 River Beatrice Sailing -- Anybody Else?

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Enchanting Danube: August 31, 2014 River Beatrice Sailing -- Anybody Else?
teweigmanteweigmanMember since 5/31/2014 Login to add friend Posted: Sunday, June 01, 2014 9:06 AM
My wife Sandy and I are scheduled to be on board the River Beatrice between Passau and Budapest between 8/31 and 9/6/2014, or so. Looking to determine whether others are also scheduled.

We are from Weston, Ct, but have been corporate gypsies, and lived in many places in the US. This is our first river cruise, but have traveled quite a bit, and have done 4-5 smaller ship cruises. We are now empty nester's, but have children (and grandchildren) in Charlotte, and Shanghai.

I would love any insights on the experience from those that may have river cruised before, and would appreciate any insights into the biking, as it appears there will be at least two opportunities to do so on this trip along the Danube.I was also wondering whether the bar in the lounge is full service, because while I appreciate great european wines, I do love my Manhattan in the evening ;0)

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howardgrehowardgreMember since 2/28/2014 Login to add friend Posted: Monday, June 02, 2014 12:23 PM

My wife Pauline and I will be on the August 31st cruise with you.

Our children have moved out as well, we have 2 grandaughters that are here a lot.

I have never been on a river cruise so I can't help you with your questions on the cruise.

We live in Manchester N.H. I am retired and my wife still works.

We are interest in what the dress is on the cruise. From the photos I have seen, seems to be very upscale like at a country club.

We will be flying out of Boston, will you be as well?

Howard Green
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teweigmanteweigmanMember since 5/31/2014 Login to add friend Posted: Tuesday, June 03, 2014 6:26 AM

Thank you for the response, nice to meet you, and will look forward to meeting you and your wife face to face.

My expectations are that dress will vary based on time of day and activity. In the main, I would expect dress to be between resort/business casual and casual, . I would expect the most "dressy" part to be dinner, but do not expect dress to go much beyond nice dress shirts/sweaters, with occasional sports coats. I think the limitations on luggage will have a natural tendency for folks t keep it simple and lights, and focus on bringing clothes that can work in several situations. During day I would expect casual slacks and shorts -- depending on the temperature, and activity.

Critical -- I expect -- will be to have good, comfortable shoes. Rough, cobblestone streets, stairs and walkways are not uncommon, and you can spend a lot of time on your feet on some of the tours.

If anyone else with experience on a river tour can comment on dress, I think Howard and I would appreciate any perspectives or recommendations.

As to travel, we are a lot closer to JFK than Logan, so will be flying JFK/London/Munich -- over-nighting in a hotel near the Munich airport.

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deborarichterdeborarichterMember since 7/11/2013 Login to add friend Posted: Saturday, July 26, 2014 6:33 PM
I can comment on dress. We've been on 2 Uniworld cruises. The first one I brought a couple of skirts/dresses and my husband brought a jacket and tie. The second, we brought neither. For men, even on the nice dinner nights slacks and a collared shirt are fine. There will be a few jackets and a few ties, but very few Jackets + ties. Ladies tended to wear slacks and nicer tops for dinner. We were there in autumn, so I remember a few gentlemen with pullover sweaters.
During the day it is fairly casual for touring. Several of the ports are in cities where a more business-casual attire is the norm. Sometimes the ship was a little more casual than the ports. I hope this helps and enjoy your cruise!
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teweigmanteweigmanMember since 5/31/2014 Login to add friend Posted: Monday, July 28, 2014 11:31 AM

Thank you very much for your reply and the benefit of your perspective/experience. I expect that will help a lot with the packing for my wife and I.

Tom Weigman
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