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Russia Boutique River Cruises 2015
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Russia Boutique River Cruises 2015

Russian River Cruises with Uniworld

To experience Russia only by land is to miss a major part of its character and history. Discover the soul of Russia along the shores of the Volga River. Follow the path of Peter the Great and sail from Moscow to St. Petersburg on a river cruise. Experience the rich cultures, traditions, and royal histories of these two legendary cities. And as you travel along the river, discover another side of Russia: its remote forested islands, vast lakes, tiny summer houses, quaint lifestyles, and pastoral landscapes. On your journey, meet the people who embody the true soul of this proud country.

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Imperial Waterways of Russia

Imperial Waterways of Russia

2015 | Moscow to St. Petersburg | 13 days

DISCOVER THE GRANDEUR OF RUSSIA AND ITS BELOVED VOLGA RIVER. The imperial cities, grand artistic treasures, and spectacular architecture of Russia await your arrival. From the glittering metropolises of St. Petersburg and Moscow to the timeless towns along the Golden Ring, you’ll experience Russia in all its glory and splendor.