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Grand China & the Yangtze

Beijing to Hong Kong | 18 Days
Date: Sunday, October 26, 2014Ship: Century Legend

Experience the best of China—from its bustling cities to its natural wonders—all in one grand journey. This epic sojourn shows you all of China’s highlights, and some lesser-known gems, creating lasting impressions of the real China. Imagine the thrill of walking on the Great Wall. Or seeing the riverside shrines and larger-than-life rock gorges as you sail the Yangtze. It’s all on this voyage, plus cultural delights and events all along the way, from folk and Kung Fu performances to amazing acrobats and, of course, delicious Peking duck!

From thriving contemporary cities (Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong) to monumental manmade marvels (the Great Wall and the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses) to glorious landscapes (Suzhou, the Yangtze, and Guilin), this extraordinary expedition is the perfect introduction to the grand sweep of ancient and modern China.

Walk along the Great Wall. Visit Guilin’s Reed Flute Cave, where stalactites and stalagmites flaunt dazzling colors. Take a cruise down the bucolic Li River. Wander around the exquisite, UNESCO-designated Humble Administrator’s Garden in Suzhou. And sail the magnificent Yangtze River, with its spectacular gorges, mist-shrouded shrines, and fanciful, weather-shaped rock formations. Along the way, enjoy a plethora of cultural pleasures, including a thrilling Kung Fu show in Beijing, a Tang Dynasty folklore performance and dinner in Xi’an, and an acrobatic extravaganza in Shanghai.

Who will enjoy this cruise
Those thirsting for a real understanding of both old and new China will encounter the legacies of the land’s ancient dynasties while also discovering the dynamic changes taking place throughout China today.

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